Physics Olympiad Program

Einstein was right. Laboratories under LIGO project have recently confirmed the existence of Gravitational Wave. This discovery has the promise of ushering a new era in the domain of Physics. Gravitational waves may take us to ‘places’ about which other waves reveal little information.

We feel extremely fortunate to introduce our Physics Olympiad Program in this exciting time. Since 2010, we are catering to the ‘cream of the crop’ in school and college mathematics. Physics is one of the closest allies of mathematics. In fact, higher physics can be purely mathematical in nature (for example String Theory).






This program is useful for IPhO (International Physics Olympiad) aspirants. Its syllabus is also congruent to KVPY and IIT Entrances though these are not our primary goals. In fact the course runs much deeper than what is required in regular engineering programs.

The curriculum consists of the following topics


Oscillations and Waves

Hydromechanics / fluids

Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics

Electric Charge and Electric Field

Current and Magnetic Field

Electromagnetic Waves

Quantum Physics

Relativity, atomic and nuclear physics

Levels, Schedule, and Eligibility


The program is open for students of sixth grade and above. Presently we offer two layers of the program:

Early Bird (those who do not know calculus)

Advanced (those who know calculus)

Students without calculus background will be required to attend a two month-calculus course simultaneously.



Physics Olympiad is India is conducted in several levels. School students from ninth grade onward may take the first level:  NSEP

Successful candidates are invited to write InPho (Indian National Physics Olympiad). InPho laureates are provided further training at camps and finally a team is sent for IPhO (International Physics Olympiad).


Admission to Physics Olympiad Program is highly selective. It consists of an online interview and a test.

Students from any background may apply. The zeal for learning great physics is the only important criteria.

E Mail us at [email protected] to schedule an interview. Send us your phone number and skype id during application.

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